—“Wahh~ Of course you can have that one, Rangiku-chan!” The teen started put the necklace around the woman’s neck. She handed Rangiku the other necklace and pointed to herself.


—“Me next!”

          "My boobs make it even cuter!" Rangiku cooed as she admired the jewelry as it was placed onto her by her friend — it would be a nice addition along with her silver chain she always wore.

          The older woman happily took the necklace from the girl as she held it out, placing it around her neck just as she did to her not a moment before.

          “There you go, bestie — and your boobs make yours just as cute, too! These were such a great idea, Orihime!”

               but her face was a child’s and he thought she would cry
                                 —— but she closed herself up, like a fan.

—“They’re best friend necklaces, Rangiku-chan! I got them while I was away!~”

          "Those are a thing?! Why haven’t I heard of them until now? I need to get some for my me and my Captain!" Rangiku leaned in to get a better look at the necklaces, pointing at one of them immediately.

          “I want this one!” She was talking about the Minnie one — she was adorable!


By Nadame

Title: Lovers or Liars
Artist: Lauren Aquilina
Album: Liars - EP
Played: 47 times

     trying to put my finger on this feeling,
can’t remember what we came here for.
everything we try to say has hidden meaning,
when you’re the kind of tired sleep can’t cure.

     time moves slow ; waiting for this to evolve.
when hearts have nothing to hold, 
                                                 they let go. 

————— so what the hell are we waiting for? 

                                                             ( are we lovers or liars? 
                                                            are we burning up to keep
                                                                           this fire alive? ) 

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(・∀・) --[Got some bff necklaces that have Micky and Minnie on them muahmuah]

          “Oh my gosh — those are adorable, Orihime! What are they?” Rangiku blinked, an excited smile on her lips.


Toshiro attempted sitting up once more, this time actually succeeding. This way, he could see the room more clearly. The white of the room, the sterile smell. It made his nose wrinkle in distaste, the Fourth had never been his favorite place to be. And he tried to keep away from it as much as possible. Sighing, he glanced back towards his Lieutenant, eyeing her for a beat longer before looking away.


He didn’t react to the “visitors”. He wasn’t surprised. Even though, he did perk up slightly at the mention of Hinamori—she was sure to be worried. As soon as he left, he made a mental note to visit her. If anything, his childhood friend would be in a panic. “Several days…” Toshiro repeated after her, gaze drifting to the window until it dropped back to his lap. 

"No," he finally murmured, "I’d rather be left alone for now." When he’d finally taken a good look at Matsumoto, all he was able to remember was before—her eyes wide with fear and blood staining her front. The Captain almost sighed at him; she was alive and well now, it seemed. No injuries from what he could tell. "…Are you in pain at all?" Of course, he asked this without looking at her. 

          The Lieutenant had no problem noticing how much her Captain disliked being stuck in a hospital room. He always huffed and puffed all day long after being released from the Fourth whenever he’d been injured on a mission — she found it rather cute, actually. How could she not?

          "But some visitors would do you good, Captain! They say that laughter’s the best medicine." Not that she wasn’t a big enough dose of happiness and sunshine for him, but a few more wouldn’t hurt. She was sure he would beg to differ.

          "Oh, I’m fine — don’t worry about me. I’ve been checked over more times than I can count. They’re very thorough here!"

          If she was being honest, Rangiku didn’t remember very much about her treatment. She’d woken up in a bed, bandaged and relatively healed just the same as him. Save for a few scrapes and bruises and a headache that didn’t seem to want to go away, she was almost in perfect health.

          "Captain…" The Lieutenant began slowly and then stopped. A serious air took over the room as she attempted to find the words she wanted to say.

          “…How are you feeling?” She knew she’d ask the question just a minute prior — but this was different. She wasn’t asking about his physical health this time. He’d been controlled, turned into some puppet for the enemy to use to fight his comrades. That had to take a toll on him, and she was here to listen if he wanted to talk.


July 15, 2013

"Did I hold you too tight? Did I not let enough light in?"

— victory in defeat.


        “Ah, well, that sounds like him,” indirect caring seemed like Hitsugaya’s style. Something he could understand. He added a soft “did it work?” to his previous comment after a pause and contemplation on whether or not it was important enough to verbalize. She was stressed out; that was enough to unearth his concern. He swiftly moved on.

        “It’s their job—them mindless soldiers—they don’t gotta think too hard bout it all, they jus’ gotta do as they’re told. An’ honestly, it’s cuz we scare'em——Aizen an' me. We scare all of ya, don’t we?”

        It bothered him with how quick he was to assume Aizen and him were still a unit, co-criminals, when that was the opposite of the truth. But centuries of working as one, acting as one, and his speech reflected it in kind. Besides, no one knew the depth of how wrong they were when thinking Gin and Aizen as ‘still a team’ other than Aizen and Gin himself. Their entire history was private. Not a soul knew a sliver of it unless told.

        At least Rangiku had an idea of how deeply the poison of his hatred festered. But as far as she knew, it was from something of solely his past that drove such wrath from within him. Were she to realize that it was her past, not his, that connected Gin to Aizen, perhaps she’d finish the puzzle without question.

        Speaking of bristling—his reaction to the vague reference to that man, who was still alive and breathing as well as trapped, was akin to getting a good dose of ice water poured down his spin. Chilling, harsh, and numbing. The rage of wanting Aizen dead as well as the failure in his attempt to do so washed over him and nurtured his unease. Gin shifted, averted himself from her gaze, and seethed quietly towards the window.

        “I’m his ‘underling’,” he began, attempting to avoid conveying too much of the bite in his voice—to no avail, of course. He grit his teeth for a second before swallowing his annoyance in a quick swoop in pursuit of calm composure.

        “If anythin’, they’re expectin’ me to make th’ first move an’ break’im out. Really, though, I’d give anythin' ta cut his throat.” Oh dear, did he really say that? Aah…who needed composure anyways?

          "I guess. The fact that he cares enough to go out of his way to try and cheer me up is really what did help, though."

          Just the fact that she had people that cared about her and were concerned about her happiness was enough for Rangiku even on her worst days. They were what kept her going — that and her own hope and optimism that she was strong enough to face whatever the world decided to throw at her.

          "You don’t scare me," she replied immediately; and it was true. He didn’t. Now, the persona that he took on whenever he decided that acting like himself wasn’t enough to get the job done was a whole ‘nother story. But she wouldn’t get into that right now — her answer was good enough.

          “Obviously everyone else is a different story — but that’s because they’re too hateful and judgemental to see past appearances…”

          The Lieutenant gradually fell silent as his rage became anything but. It was different than her Captain’s anger. His was all consuming, suffocating even — and while Gin’s could definitely be the latter, to her, it was much sharper than that. She couldn’t help but be reminded of his Zanpakuto when she witnessed his fury, contained or not. It was so condensed, so quick and lethal and so deeply rooted into him that she wasn’t sure if it could be separated from him at all.


          The question left her lips before she could stop herself, and Rangiku even held her breath as it hung in the air. Don’t pry. But how could she not? She needed to know, she craved to understand just what Aizen had done that was so horrible that it deserved this amount of hatred from him.

I can’t abandon
the person I used to be
so I carry her
— 365 Days of Haiku, Day #123 (via idreamof-pb)